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V I N T A G E // nine in a row / 14k yellow and white gold diamond band / size 6.5-6.75

V I N T A G E // nine in a row / 14k yellow and white gold diamond band / size 6.5-6.75

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a delightfully sparkling, skinny art deco diamond stacking bag featuring nine tiny diamonds. this ring is a wonder because it's held up remarkably well over 100-ish years and it seems to be a collaborative piece between JR Wood and Sons (now known as Artcarved) and Woodcrest

solid 14k yellow and white gold with tiny natural diamonds

M E A S U R E M E N T S 

measures between size 6.5 and size 6.75, closer to size 6.5

this is a thin band — the front of the setting is 2mm wide and rises ~1.5mm off the finger. the band tapers to ~0.8mm wide at the base of the band

tiny diamonds each measure ~1mm wide

weighs 1.1g (very lightweight)

C O N D I T I O N 

in good very vintage condition

this ring is in great condition for its age, but it is delicate and does show signs of being loved and worn for many, many decades
-softening to the pave settings
-the sides of the band have a pipe cut style (flat) that's likely from wearing flat between other rings over time
-the undergallery of the setting is hollow and the walls are thin and have some inconsistencies at the edge — if the fit bothers you a jeweler could buff/file the edges slightly
-thinning at the base of the band
-overall surface scratches, dents, dings and dulling
-all diamonds are intact and free from damage, but they aren't all exactly the same size or the settings have worn differently giving the appearance of variation in size

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