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P R E - L O V E D // diamond hopscotch / 10k yellow gold floral diamond half eternity band / size 7

P R E - L O V E D // diamond hopscotch / 10k yellow gold floral diamond half eternity band / size 7

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it's suns! it's flowers! whatever it is, the design offers plenty of visual intrigue and lots of sparkle

this piece is tricky to date. it has plenty of time-earned wear (please read the 'condition' below), but very modern construction. confusingly, most of the IKS rings being sold online are pre-loved and being sold as 'vintage' — so, let's call it pre-loved to be conservative

10k yellow gold with diamonds, by IKS

M E A S U R E M E N T S 

size 7

round settings measure ~2.5mm wide

front of the band has a 2mm rise off the finger

diamonds are tiny, ranging from under 1mm to ~1.3mm

weighs 1.6g (hollow form)

C O N D I T I O N 

in good pre-loved condition

this ring has a hollow form, which has led to some time-earned quirks:
-band is bent slightly out-of-round and out-of-level
-the center diamonds aren't perfectly level with the rest of the band when the band is resting on a flat surface. it's a very very slight curve, but doesn't seem original to the design
-the center diamonds are slightly flatter (when looking at the band from the side) than the curve of the diamonds connecting to the band's shoulders, likely from being bent very slightly down at some point
-heavier dents/dings on the hollow shoulders of the band (see photos)
-a very faint sizing seam at the base of the band
-significant softening to the bezel settings

diamonds are all intact and free from chips, cracks, but will show minor surface wear under magnification

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